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Photo Fair Hilversum 14 Nov 2021

16 Nov 2021

A photo album of the latest photo fair held in Hilversum last Sunday.

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Retro 8 lab has to move

28 Oct 2021

Help Retro 8 to move the laboratory.

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LossauPan 200 Single-8

25 Oct 2021

Jürgen Lossau introduces a black/white film for Single-8 camera's!

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Check your super8 camera

4 Oct 2021

De Mirror Cartridge is een product van dit filmlab.

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The online Analog Camera Store

2 Oct 2021

Time to meet the online Analog Camera Store in the Netherlands.

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ORWO makes new colourfilm

30 Aug 2021

ORWO announced a ECN-2 based colour negative film in 2022.

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Shifting Ecologies of Photochemical Film in the Digital Era

5 Jun 2021

Follow this online conference.

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Ronald Rosbeek (1953 - 2021)

17 Feb 2021

Film technique specialist Ronald Rosbeek has passed away. What a tragedy.

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Super 8: An Illustrated History

20 Jul 2020

Super8: An Illustrated History by Danny Plotnick is available in the S8RL. A colourful history book.

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Super 8 magazine

4 Jun 2020

After years of emptiness there is finally a new magazine for us; super8 film-makers.

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I Found A Roll Of Undeveloped Film From 1964

23 Jan 2019

I found a roll of undeveloped film from 1964.

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Burning nitrate film

30 Apr 2018

A firefighter in co-operation with Eye demonstrates how nitrate film burns.

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Film in the present tense

20 Oct 2017

Symposium in Berlin about the future of film.

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Super8 web portal kickstarter

8 Apr 2017

Super8 web portal kickstarter.

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Film Ferrania b/w film

4 Feb 2017

Film Ferrania b/w film.

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Kodak returns with ektachrome 100D

6 Jan 2017

Kodak returns with ektachrome 100D.

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Kodak super8 camera

8 Jan 2016

Will there be a Kodak super8 camera?

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Science of cinema

23 Nov 2015

Steve Cossman tells in very clear language how analogue film works.

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21 May 2014

Volunteer for our national Eye Film Insitute.

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Cross-process vs color negative

27 Oct 2013

Cross process vs colour negative.

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Turn clockwise

21 Jun 2011

Always turn the takeup roller of super8 cartridges clockwise.

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Filmfair Waghäusel 2011

10 Apr 2011

Video impression filmfair Waghäusel 2011.

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Do-it-yourself colour processing on the web

3 Nov 2010

German magazine Schmalfilm will write a story about do-it-yourself super8 processing at home in their upcomming last years issue.

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15 Sep 2010

Steenbeck introduced a brand new super8/8mm editing table.

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Welcome Ektachrome 7285

9 Apr 2010

Some super8 makers are wide awake since they wrote the lab that Ektachrome 64T is being replaced by Ektachrome 100D by Kodak.

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Visit to Norsk Smalfilm AS

21 Dec 2009

Andreas from Norsk Smalfilm AS and Frank in 2009.

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Steenbeck super8 editing table

16 Jun 2008

Thanks to film maker Tobias Schmuecking the lab could get their hands on a nice Steenbeck super8 editing table.

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Waghausel filmfair

5 Apr 2008

I visited the film fair Waghausel, Germany with a few friends.