LossauColor 200D Single-8

Click & Surr (Berlin, Germany) introduces a new Single-8 film, the first and only colour negative film for Single-8. ISO 200 and designed for daylight. The cassette only contains 10.5m because of the thicker acetate base. The film is only offered with development and scan. Return postage for the negative films is included in the price throughout Europe. The film cassettes remain the property of Click & Surr and are recycled after development by being refilled. Click & Surr calls this the eco-friendly system.

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LossauColor 200D
LossauColor 200D Single8 colour negative film.

Colour negative film cannot be viewed with a movie projector after developing because the image is negative. You have to digitize it or make a positive print.

Look at an example of this colour negative film for single-8 camera’s.