Shipment instructions

Send your films [track & trace is recommended] to this address:
Super8 Reversal Lab
Frank Bruinsma
Hoge Zand 30a
2512 EM
Den Haag
phone: +31 70 3639541

Sender address

Please use this full address to prevent your films getting lost. The Dutch mail is very precise and if you write the address wrong, they will send it back to you, so do not forget to write your personal address on the back of the package. It’s for your own safety, the lab does not accept responsibility for lost envelopes, films or packages. We advise everybody; do not add cash payments in the package.

Kodak Do Not X-Ray sticker
Kodak X-ray sticker

Use the Kodak sticker

Download and print this Kodak sticker in colour and add that clearly on your packaging. It might not help a lot but better safe than sorry. Currently many transportation services are aware that people send photographic materials.


If you want to send a courier service like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT or Chronopost you should always contact the lab before you do. Do not forget to tell the lab what films you are sending and when. If you want to bring you’re films you are welcome by appointment.

Before you ship…

This is very important for customers from outside the European Union like Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom. The sender is responsible for all costs involved in shipping to Super8 Reversal Lab or Film Rescue Europe (postage, courier fees, duty, tax, customs, or brokerage charges, etc). Please fill out courier paperwork as bill to sender. Any fees paid by us, on your behalf, will be invoiced back to you. We reserve the right to refuse delivery if payment is required, particularly when sender has made no prior contact with us. To avoid high custom clearance costs you can mention the international code ‘TARIFF 3704 00 90 00 exposed but undeveloped film’. Also keep the value of your package at Euro 1,00 because if your package does get lost the postal services will never pay you back the price of super8 films anyway.