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Covid-19 update 3

27 Nov 2021

Stay at home. Send your films via postal services only.

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Melle - Up (official video)

20 Nov 2021

A music video on super8. Melle - Up. Fine results.

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Photo Fair Hilversum 14 Nov 2021

16 Nov 2021

A photo album of the latest photo fair held in Hilversum last Sunday.

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HKU Students visiting

3 Nov 2021

Students from the HKU visiting the lab

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Retro 8 lab has to move

28 Oct 2021

Help Retro 8 to move the laboratory.

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LossauPan 200 Single-8

25 Oct 2021

J├╝rgen Lossau introduces a black/white film for Single-8 camera's!

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Road trip in France

14 Oct 2021

Memories in France on super8.

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Check your super8 camera

4 Oct 2021

De Mirror Cartridge is een product van dit filmlab.

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Las manos que me han criado

3 Oct 2021

A tribute to her parents and grandmother by Maria Jimenez.

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The online Analog Camera Store

2 Oct 2021

Time to meet the online Analog Camera Store in the Netherlands.

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Sala - Menyala

30 Sep 2021

Music video from Sala shot on super8 Vision 50D.

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Yoni Yosef (Full-lenght film)

5 Sep 2021

A great work by Lucas Huikeshoven shot on Tri-X. Processing by S8RL.

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ORWO makes new colourfilm

30 Aug 2021

ORWO announced a ECN-2 based colour negative film in 2022.

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24 Jul 2021

Simply gorgeous black/white images with real grain.

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Backlog + Summer vacation

16 Jun 2021

Maintenance is done. The summer holidays are almost here.

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Filmhuis Den Haag

8 Jun 2021

Filmhuis Den Haag

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Shifting Ecologies of Photochemical Film in the Digital Era

5 Jun 2021

Follow this online conference.

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Straight 8 competition

31 May 2021

Enter the global Straight 8 competition!

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Building maintenance 2

7 May 2021

Maintenance part 2. Closed from 7 - 14th May 2021.

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Stan Linders Tattoo

15 Apr 2021

Stan Linders Tattoo advertisement by Niek Koot shot on 7266.

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Bernadette Antwerp

2 Mar 2021

Fashion is passion is super8. It's as simple as that.

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Building maintenance

18 Feb 2021

We close for 1 week because of extensive maintenance.

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Ronald Rosbeek (1953 - 2021)

17 Feb 2021

Film technique specialist Ronald Rosbeek has passed away. What a tragedy.

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the summer of 20

16 Jan 2021

A memory of the summer of 2020. Skate, swim, enjoy and super8.