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Melle - Up (official video)

20 Nov 2021

A music video on super8. Melle - Up. Fine results.

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Road trip in France

14 Oct 2021

Memories in France on super8.

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Yoni Yosef (Full-lenght film)

5 Sep 2021

A great work by Lucas Huikeshoven shot on Tri-X. Processing by S8RL.

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Stan Linders Tattoo

15 Apr 2021

Stan Linders Tattoo advertisement by Niek Koot shot on 7266.

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Bernadette Antwerp

2 Mar 2021

Fashion is passion is super8. It's as simple as that.

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the summer of 20

16 Jan 2021

A memory of the summer of 2020. Skate, swim, enjoy and super8.

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Time for presents

17 Nov 2020

Get those Christmas present now at S8RL.

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Super8 at its peak

11 Nov 2020

This is how beautiful film can be, you will never ever forget this.

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Free the system

5 Jul 2020

Dandana - Free the system. A magnificent video by multi-talent Bas Ackermann. Watch!

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Advertising for Euro Pizza

21 Jun 2020

An advertisement for Euro Pizza shot on super8 colour negative, how healthy is that!

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19 May 2020

Film enthusiast Charlie Silvrants made a Blokhutboot film. You should see this. You also want one.

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I Found A Roll Of Undeveloped Film From 1964

23 Jan 2019

I found a roll of undeveloped film from 1964.

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Ektachrome update

13 Mar 2018

Kodak Ektachrome 100D update.

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Kodak returns with ektachrome 100D

6 Jan 2017

Kodak returns with ektachrome 100D.

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Kodak super8 camera

8 Jan 2016

Will there be a Kodak super8 camera?

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Cross-process vs color negative

27 Oct 2013

Cross process vs colour negative.

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Last Kodachrome

20 Dec 2010

Last Kodachrome.

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Welcome Ektachrome 7285

9 Apr 2010

Some super8 makers are wide awake since they wrote the lab that Ektachrome 64T is being replaced by Ektachrome 100D by Kodak.