Media coverage

The S8RL has been in a few articles in the past two decades.

Here are a few video’s and articles about Frank Bruinsma and the S8RL. Some are dating back years ago and one even more than 24 years ago. Many thanks to the authors who send a pdf file of their article.

Photohistorisch Tijdschrift – Witte Raaf

You can read this interview by Philip Kruijer for the Dutch Fotografica Vereniging (which exists for 45 years in 2022) in issue 2 of 2022.

Many thanks the nice afternoon Philip and for giving this pdf file. You can find the webpage of the Photohistorisch Tijdschrift here (and here you can become a member). The article is available in Dutch language only.

Photohistorisch Tijdschrift 2022-2
Super8 Magazine 2021-4

Neue Spiegelkassette für Super-8 Kameras

Issue 2021-4 of the German-English magazine Super8 contains an article on the Mirror Cartridge designed by this S8RL, which allows super8 cameras to be controlled without using film.

Get yourself a treat and subscribe to this dedicated magazine.

20 Fragen zu 20 Jahren Super8 Reversal Lab

The duo language magazine Super 8 published this interview because my lab existed 20 years at that moment.

This interview is written in German and English language. And you can buy the magazine here.

Super 8 Magazine August 2020
den haag centraal

Sympathie voor smalfilm

The weekly newspaper Den Haag Centraal from our city made this enthusiastic article about small format film-making, written by Paul Waayers. The reason for the article was the 20th anniversary of the S8RL.

Only in Dutch language available.

Frank Bruinsma on Super8 film development

This video interview was made in 2017 by the Amateur Film Foundation. Stichting Amateurfilm was founded with several goals in mind. It aims to stimulate the collection, preservation and re(use) of amateur film material and to arouse public interest in both historical and modern day forms of amateur film production.

Stichting Amateurfilm 2017
straatnieuws 2015
Straatnieuws 2015

Super8 film springlevend

A very nice afternoon in the lab with Paul Waayers and photographer Bertus Gerssen. This article was written for the newspaper of the street, sold by homeless people in Den Haag.

Only in Dutch language.

The Art of Super8: The Analogic Revolution

Filmmaker Camillo Valle came to Den Haag in 2012 and just made a interview that ended up in this 22 minute short documentary. It became an international award winning film, that has been show, all over the world. This documentary breathes the atmosphere of super8!

the art of super8
The Art of Super8: The Analogic Revolution 2012
Perfektionist des Nichtperfekten
Schmalfilm 2011

Perfektionist des Nichtperfekten

This article ‘Perfectionist of the non perfect’ in German magazine Schmalfilm was published in 2011 and was written by Florian Cramer. The magazine had it glorious days from 2004 until 2013 and was loved among the super8 community.

Only in German language.

Digitaal is saai

This was written by Sascha Bronwasser for newspaper Volkskrant in 2011. The title means ‘digital is boring’ and that was something I must have said during the interview.

Only in Dutch language.

Digitaal is saai
Volkskrant 2011
De volhouders op super8-smalfilm
Financieele Dagblad 2004

De volhouders op super8-smalfilm

This article ‘the ones that hold on to super8’ was published in 2004 and was written by Erik van der Meer from the newspaper Financieele Dagblad. I thought it was remarkable that a financial newspaper had interest in super8.

Only in Dutch language.

Frank Bruinsma houdt Super8 spinglevend

This article from March 2001 is called ‘Frank Bruinsma keeps Super8 alive and kicking’ was published in magazine Video Uit en Thuis which no longer exists. It was written by Richard Helwig.

Only in Dutch language.

Frank Bruinsma houdt Super8 spinglevend.
Video Uit & Thuis 2001
Cinema Babylon 1998

Film Projectionist at Babylon

This video was made at the end of the 90’s and Frank explains what he does as film projectionist.
The video is English spoken and made before there was High Definition.