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The S8RL does not have a fully automatic webshop, but ordering film is just as easy. If you fill in the this form you see a price estimate at the end. The S8RL will send you an exact price quote within 24 hours, with payment instructions. Do you want it faster? Then fill in the form and then call S8RL to get the quote. All prices listed on this website are excluding 21% VAT.

If you order new film stock (un-exposed) via my website, you have to wait a few weeks before I can send information about the final costs and payment instructions. I work alone and have too many assignments to handle.

After you have made a request you will get a copy of this in your mailbox. If this did not happen then send the lab a direct email.

If your country is not listed here send an email to the lab with your request and full address so we can make you an free offer.