I created one page with video’s that are related to the super8 film format.

Searching on the internet can be fun and it can kill a lot of time. You will have a lot of choice when you search for movies about super8. I wanted to make it more easy for you, so here’s my collection.

Kodak – How Film Is Made

How Film Is Made 1958

This fascinating documentary dates from 1958. I received the original 16mm film with optical sound track as a gift from a good friend who collects movies. In co-operation with Cineco I got it transferred to SD digital video. Maybe one day I get a 4K transfer done, if I find the money. Many thanks to Ton, Rene, Andre, Nico and Erwin.
Marco Boeringa who is active on APUG contacted me later and he is the only one who received a copy for the video. He was so kind to add these English subtitles. Thanks Marco.

Bauer T60 demonstration film

Bauer T60 demonstration film

This Dutch spoken super8 was used in stores to convince the customers they should buy a super8 movie projector with sound.

Eumig sound projectors

Eumig Sound Projectors

This super8 had the same purpose as above, convince people that sound with super8 is worth buying new equipment for.

Agfa advertisement

Agfa advertisement

This is a 16mm film made by Agfa to showcase their products. From photo camera to slide projector and from super8 camera to movie projector.

Super8 Filmmakers Guide

Super8 Filmmakers Guide

This video is worth watching the full 14 minutes. A good explanation of all aspects of super8 film making. View this if you don’t have time.

Studio Eén: Experimental films from the lowlands

Studio Eén – teaser video

In 1990, as a student, Karel Doing decided to create Studio één. Many artistic, avant-garde, underground movements and counterculture movements seemed to be over. The rise of video and its academic use began to compete with Super8. To work against the decline of the Super 8 format and techniques, Karel Doing and two of his friends (Saskia Fransen and Djana Mileta) from the art school in Arnhem, started to think about creating a new space and promoting the invention of DIY techniques for filming and processing Super8 films.
This dvd release (with written interviews with the film makers) shows films that were created with or in co-operation with foundation Studio één in the 90’s. This compilation dvd gives a perfect overview of the experimental (analogue) film culture in the Netherlands at the end of the 20th century. I personally cherish this period because I learned a lot from, and later on also contributed to, Studio één. This super8 laboratory wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for Studio één so you understand my enthusiasm. There are two of my short films on this dvd, so you can get an idea what kind of films I made ;-). For those who wish to order this dvd can order it here.

Kodachrome processing

The last lab in the world developing Kodachrome in colour

This video is a short history lesson about Kodachrome. But most of all it shows how much work and how complicated this K-14 Kodachrome process was because this Kodak development consisted out of 14 steps.
Dwayne’s Photo from the USA was the last lab in the world who developed Kodachrome in a colour process. Now you can only get Kodachrome developed as black/white negative at Film Rescue International Canada for example.