The transfer service for 8mm and super8 film to a 2K digital file is offered with partners in Amsterdam.

Please read this page carefully. The digitization service at the S8RL is done in a special way.


Digitization of super8 to a 2K file is also known as film transfer or film scanning. Data scanning goes as follows. Each super8 frame is photographed by a high-end industrial photo camera in 2336 x 1752 pixels so that each frame of super8 becomes 1 digital photo of about 6Mb to 9Mb each. From this series of photo’s – also called an image sequence – we make a QuickTime file with a ProRes 4.2.2 codec. You will also receive an Mpeg4 file so you can share the results immediately. We deliver all video files in 25 fps and assume every film-maker knows how to handle and alter digital video files in their specific video project. You can alter the speed / colour / contrast if necessary. A QuickTime ProRes 4.2.2 file is a file type that is very flexible and can be adjusted in almost any video editing software program.

Full Frame vs Cropped

2k full frame example

2K Full Frame scan
2336 x 1752 pixels
QuickTime ProRes 4.2.2 + Mpeg4
€ 42,00 each 15 meter reel excluding 21% VAT

A full-frame scan shows more than just the super8 frame. You will see part of the perforation and the frame lines. This is usefull when you want to crop your own images to fit inside your video project. Just as with the cropped version you will need to adjust the images colour and contrast. (Still provided by Sami El Hassani).

2k cropped example

2K Cropped scan
2048 x 1536 pixels
QuickTime ProRes 4.2.2 + Mpeg4
€ 42,00 each 15 meter reel excluding 21% VAT

A more convenient file is a cropped file because the image is exactly like the super8 frame. There is no need to make many adjustments, only some colour and contrast corrections will be enough, so you can concentrate on the actual scene editing. (Still provided by Sami El Hassani).


This service is for people who can read and write with computer software like Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve or Nucoda.
If your only purpose is to get your 8mm films transferred to a digital file in order to share it with family and friends (no edting), we can advise you other companies that provide a fine service. Ask us for some tips.

Why 2K and not 4K

You find many discussion about transferring 8mm and super8 to 2K, 4K or even 6 or 8K.
We are convinced that a 2K file is perfect for transferring 8mm and super8 film to a digital file, and these files are already very large in size. A higher resolution gives an even bigger data file, but this will not help to increase the image quality.


Super8 films that have just been processed do not need any preparation.
If you send an already developed super8 we will check this film before we start to digitize. We want to be sure the film is dry, has good splices and that there is no perforation damage. We also check the general condition for shrinkage, grease, or leader film. Once that is done we can edit the films onto large reels to make the final digitizing more easy. The S8RL will prepare and clean your film and we charge this service in labour time; each hour labour is € 49.00 excluding 21% VAT.

Quality first

We treat all films carefully, with great attention as if they were our own films. Our only aim is quality and not quantity. Realise that this lab also transfers films for motion picture professionals, artists, music video’s, commercials, students and archives. You are welcome in the lab in Den Haag to view some results and see how we treat film. We do not put examples online because we believe that you better come and see the real quality in the lab on a good calibrated monitor.


The Super8 Reversal Lab offers this digitization service in co-operation with Haghefilm-Digitaal based in Amsterdam. A very well know name in the industry. Employees have decades of experience in the field of analogue motion picture film and digitizing. Our prices are based on the fact that you pay also for craftsmanship and experience. To make sure that everything works flawlessly with your assignment the S8RL will take care of everything. We handle all communication and all other necessary handling so you don’t have to do anything. You are in good hands.
A second partner we use is Onno Petersen, he has decades of experience in the small format film making business and is now self employed and successful.


Our standard delivery time is between 2 and 4 weeks. Our advice is to get your film developed in Den Haag and organize the digitization yourself in Amsterdam or Waddinxveen (or any where else in Europe). You are free to contact our partners directly to make appointments with them (S8RL will not be involved in that situation).


We keep a backup of every file for 1 month. At your request we will save the file for a longer period, at an extra charge of Euro 5,00/month each file. You can choose to save the backup for 2, 4, 6 or 12 months. We can not be held responsible for this backup on our server. This Super8 Reversal Lab will not make copies or duplicates in any way [film, video, DVD] without your personal permission. Also the S8RL will not use images from your film for website, printed and/or commercial purposes without your personal permission.

DVD – Blu-ray

We only deliver data files via the cloud.

Final advise

I love film

Transferring your 8mm and super8 to 2K files is only wise if you are going to use these digital files within a few months. If you are not going to use the digital files immediately you better wait because every 2 years you can get a better transfer for the same amount of money (you see where I am going?).
If your idea is to ‘save’ your damaged super8 film (some call this preservation) then we advise you to consider getting an image sequence and not a video file. If all super8 frames are transferred individual to separate images we call this an image sequence. Do not forget that it takes time, money and energy to maintain computer hard drives too. Always keep every files three times, on three different hard drives on at least two locations > 40Km apart from each other.
If your super8 films are in a good condition and then someone tells you that you will ‘save’ your images by making a digital transfer they are only after your money. It is much better if you keep your original films on a dry and constant temperature.