Cine Facilities

In Amsterdam you can find Cine Facilities from Danny van Deventer. He is a specialist from the brands you can see here below, but he is much more than that. He modifies and repairs professional film camera’s, lenses and support systems. Have a look at his photo gallery and you will be amazed.

The main reasons why I mention Danny van Deventer here is the following. Cine Facilities delivers Kodak colour negative film from stock. This Super8 Reversal Lab does not sell that type of motion picture film so this information this can be of your help. I do not know any other place that has this Kodak film in their fridge.

various logo's
A few brands that are serviced by Cine Facilities, Amsterdam

In case you need Kodak 16mm colour negative film go to:
Cine Facilities
Danny van Deventer
Nieuwzeelandweg 5B – 10
1045 AL Amsterdam
Phone: +31 655 784 765
Mail: cf[at]
url: Cine Facilities