Super8 camera’s

On this page some super8 camera’s which can be an example if you are searching for one yourself.

You probably find a super8 camera on one or the other online store or flea market, but you are not sure if it is the right one. That’s why S8RL presents a few models which are worth to investigate. These camera’s are owned by the S8RL and this page is written from our own experience, it does not represent the truth. If you have other thoughts I invite you to share them with me.
I will keep it all condensed on this page because I could in fact write a full page on any of these camera’s, but you’re not going to read that anyway :-). If you want to be able to shoot on super8 in any circumstance you will need more than one camera.

Canon 310 XL: light sensitive and cheap

caon 310
Canon 310 XL

This light sensitive camera with a maximum aperture of 1.0 is ideal for low light situations.
Advantage: Light sensitive.
Con: That’s all it does.

Braun Nizo 4080: versatile and great design

This camera, and almost any other Braun Nizo model, are a joy to have. Period. Make sure you mind the light meter batteries, use the correct ones. Very important.
Advantage: A lot of choice and easy to use.
Con: light meter batteries

Nizo 4080
Nizo 4080

Beaulieu 5008s: great lenses

Beaulieu 5008s

Any working camera is a good camera if you ask S8RL. Beaulieu is probably the most spoken camera brand on the internet, but don’t be fooled.
Advantage: Professional repair service available.
Con: The original batteries of some models.

Canon 814XL-s and 1014XL-s: must-haves

The best super8 camera because the grip is fabulous and it has a variable shutter. The manual exposure is easy to control.
Advantage: Bright viewfinder gives a notification before the end of the cartridge. Clever Japanese design.
Con: Nobody can repair them (any idea?). Video.

canon 814
Canon 814XL-s

Beaulieu 7008 pro: quartz for sound

beaulieu 7008 pro
Beaulieu 7008 pro

You are going to make a music video or like to make lip-sync scenes? Then you need a crystal sync camera and Beaulieu was one of the few how build them.
Advantage: 25fps quartz sync.
Con: Heavy, vulnerable and expensive.

Buyers advise

  • Test a camera with batteries before you purchase.
  • Don’t buy the first one you see.
  • Think about what you are going to do with it, this determines the model.
  • Watch out who you buy it from.
  • Ask the seller if the camera was used recently or regularly. A camera that is not used can break faster.
  • Search in the manual and make sure the camera can automatic expose all cartridges.
  • Look through the front on the lens to find any fungus or fault in the lens.