ORWO makes new colourfilm

According to this source the German based company ORWO (ORiginal WOlfen) announced they will introduce a new colour negative film in 2022. It will probably be available for super8 and 16mm movie cameras which is fantastic. The colour film will be a ECN-2 process type motion picture film.

The actual factory that will produce this emulsion is most likely InovisCoat also based in Germany, who already make some extraordinary products for brands like Lomography and the Impossible Project.

We can’t really say much more at this moment because a lot is unsure, but the fact that people talk about a new colour negative film is promising news, so that is why I mention it here. It does make us happy so to say.

Image taken from InovisCoat website that shows the emulsion making process.

The difficult issue with making colour negative film is that is it build up from many layers, sometimes about 16 of them. This image taken from the InovisCoat website shows clearly how you could do this, and keep in mind that every layer is only microns thick. It takes many chemical and technical experts to achieve this.