About the lab

The Super8 Reversal Lab is founded (May 2000) and operated by only one person: Frank Bruinsma.

Frank Bruinsma in the darkroom. Copyright Brian Mul 2020.

The aims of the Super8 Reversal Lab

The Super8 Reversal Lab Netherlands offers a service for processing current and expired super8 film. The aim of the lab is to encourage people to shoot more on super8 film, and to make super8 more affordable, attainable and popular among film-makers, artists, amateurs and students. It wants to reach this goal by collecting all possible techniques and knowledge about super8 and mainly by using it. By doing so the lab contributes to keep super8 alive in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Also the Super8 Reversal Lab wants to be a company that provides services that no one else does. It doesn’t want to start a competition and prefers to co-operate with major labs worldwide that develop celluloid films.
The lab thinks it is important that many different companies stay alive, and that there is a variety of production methods, and we show that it’s possible to shoot on film, even today.

Education and information

The lab has also an educative function. There are possibilities to visit the lab with your camera for quick introduction (for a small fee). This way the lab wants to show film makers how to help themselves so that they can produce super8 films for less money.

Everybody who needs help with producing a super8 film can contact the lab. There is a big network and a lot of know-how, so do not hesitate to contact the lab in case you have any questions.
Most information is given via this website and personal e-mail responses. I also advise to follow the social media channels for up to date news about super8.
You are welcome in the lab but only by appointment.

Finally the lab wants to inform all visitors about new upcoming emulsions that are available. And the lab tries to give clear information about general issues to prevent misunderstandings by communicating directly with Kodak and others involved (suppliers – resellers – factories – manufacturers).


This lab can process all kinds of expired and outdated super8 films. Other stores and companies might tell you they are lost, but they are now. This S8RL has a lot of experience [over 20 years now] in processing old super8 films and is capable of processing types that are far beyond their `process before` date. The S8RL can handle old types of super8 colour reversal film such as Boots, Fujichrome, Revuechrome, Agfa Moviechrome, Orwo and Kodak Ektachrome 160.

Sometimes customers are surprised that they have to pay for this special processing service. Please be aware that this is an independent lab, and that it is not a part of Kodak or any other big industry. Old films bought including processing are no longer valid any more simply because these companies no longer exists. You should see the expired film processing service from the S8RL as an alternative.

2K scan

If you get the film back from a lab after processing it will be on a reel. If you shot on reversal film like Kodak Tri-X or Kodak Ektachrome 100d you will be able to screen the film with a movieprojector on a white wall.
If you prefer to edit your super8 or share the results online you need to have a digital copy from the analogue super8. This service is called transfer, scanning or digitizing and we offer this in co-opreration with Haghefilm-Digitaal and Onno Petersen from Amsterdam. Check out this 2K scan page to read all the details.


various still film formats
various still film formats

Yes now we can also offer you to develop your outdated photo materials. This super8 lab became the European partner of Canadian company Film Rescue International since mid 2012. This lab in Indian Head is capable of developing almost any type of photo rolls like 35mm, 120 roll, 126 cartridge and 127 roll film. But it’s also possible to develop Kodak discfilm at Film Rescue and they are able to develop Kodachrome K-II, K-25 and K-40 into black and white negative film.This Kodachrome service is valid for all film sizes. Please read this carefull, we can develop your Kodachrome into B/W negative film. In order to view the results you need a scan of the film.


The lab continues to look out for new possibilities to process super8 films more effectively, economically and environmentally. Take a look on the test-page to get an idea what this lab does.
The research is also done very literally, looking in books, magazine’s and in libraries for information about the art of processing film. Although the world wide web is becoming a large database, finding real true information is very difficult. That’s because not so much people are probably interested in super8 processing as there are in collecting stamps ;-) One advise is that you should not immediately believe everything you read on the internet. Always try to find more sources that confirm or deny certain messages about the super8 world. And if you think you have good research info for the lab [you also help other film makers because the info is published here] do not hesitate to contact me.

What the Super8 Reversal Lab doesn’t do

The reasons for this information is that not all visitors know what the super8 lab offers. Many think it is the same as video, or that you can edit super8 on a computer directly. Some don’t even know what a film laboratory actually does. That’s why the lab wants to inform you as a [new] customer about services we don’t offer.

Repair and sale of equipment

The S8RL does not have repair service for euqipment. We also do not sell super8 gear. It is more and more difficult to find a place where they can repair your super8 camera, and we are searching for new possibilities. If you have a good repairshop in Europe please give us a call.

Productions for third parties

The S8RL does not want to make films, videoclips or commercials for other companies or individuals. We can’t deliver a D.O.P, video editing facilities or lightning equipment. In other words the S8RL is not a production company.

Film is nót video

This website is about the super8 film format. Super8 film is made of celluloid. That is not the same as video which is a magnetic tape, or data stored on a flash drive. If you read the word film on this website we only speak about celluloid material. All equipment that is being used is for super8 film. We concentrate on processing film with chemistry.