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ORWO NC 500 colour negative

28 Dec 2022

ORWO new colour negative film.

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Cibap Vakschool voor Vormgeving visiting

3 Nov 2022

Students followed a crash course super8 film making.

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Wittner Vision 50D - double8

27 Oct 2022

You can shoot a colour film with your double8 camera again.

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Richie Summers - High on the fonk

18 Oct 2022

A lovely music video from Belgium.

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Fashionology - Encrite

13 Oct 2022

Fashion + super8 = nice advertisement.

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Lenny Lipton passed away

7 Oct 2022

Lenny Lipton.

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Bony Macaroni - Hollow

17 Aug 2022

Music video from Bony Macaroni.

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How does Kodak make film - part 2 of 3

22 Jul 2022

Watch part 2 how Kodak makes light sensitive film.

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250d cartridge

20 Jul 2022

New super8 cartridge in our pallet.

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Summer holidays

16 Jun 2022

Summer holidays 18/6 until 10/7.

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Cine Facilities

23 May 2022

Buy your 16mm Kodak colour negative stock here. Cine Facilities.

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Interview Photohistorisch magazine

21 Apr 2022

Read a Dutch interview with Frank

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Advanced emulsion

15 Apr 2022

If you love analogue film you watch this video.

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How does Kodak make film - part 1 of 3

23 Mar 2022

An impressive view in the Kodak kitchen. Watch this!

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Navire Argo @ Eclair

10 Mar 2022

Le Navire Argo, a new cultural hotspot in former Éclair laboratory

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Satisfied customer in Spain

21 Feb 2022

The last Fuji Astia Single-8.

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REVIVAL: The Film to Bring Back Film

12 Feb 2022

My thoughts on the so-called REVIVAL of film.

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His first 35mm film camera

4 Feb 2022

This young man build a working 35mm film camera, really.

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Testing processing tank

29 Jan 2022

Read the processing tank test from 2019.

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LossauColor 200D Single-8

13 Jan 2022

New Single-8 colour negative film available in Germany.

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Terms and conditions updated

9 Jan 2022

Term and conditions update 2022.