Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to visit your laboratory store to buy films, camera’s of other supplies?

A: This lab doesn’t have a regular store. So you can’t just walk in and get some supplies that you would need. Sorry. The S8RL only sells Kodak super8 cartridges and Fomapan films. Other supplies like film tape, lightbulbs or splicers are not sold. You are welcome to visit the lab on workdays but please first make an appointment by mail or phone. This small laboratory is run by 1 persons only.

Q: Can the Super8 Reversal Lab process my Kodachrome K40 films?


A: Yes. Since the middle of 2012 this lab is the European partner of Film Rescue International from Canada. This lab is capable of processing all types of Kodachrome K-II, K-25 or K40 for you in any film size [still, super8, double8, 16mm for example]. It is very very important to know and to be aware that Kodachrome films can only be developed into a black/white negative film. And finally all Kodachrome film processing is done in Canada only.

Q: Why should Kodachrome be send to Canada?

Film Rescue

A: The original Kodachrome process is very complicated and consists out of 14 chemistry baths. Film Rescue International offers Kodachrome processing only in b/w negative and because that system is also very polluting we decided that is is more efficient to process Kodachrome only in Canada. All Europeans can send their films to S8RL in Den Haag and then we handle all the rest, there’s no need to worry. By the way, processing expired Kodachrome into B/W is more difficult than many people think.

Q: I have heard that the production of Kodachrome films has been stopped, is this true?

A: Yes. The production of all Kodachrome films has been stopped by the end of 2009. The last cartridges were developed by the end of 2010 by Dwayne’s in the USA. Kodak tells us that this was done primarily on sales numbers. It is sad there is no more Kodachrome because it was a magnificent emulsion. The good news is that there is already a new product to replace it; Ektachrome 100d is sold by Kodak since the end of 2018. Visit the news page regular or become a Facebook fan of the lab to stay up-to-date.

Q: Why are all cartridges on this website being sold in three variations?

A: If you want to develop your own super8 cartridge you can only buy the cartridge. The S8RL prefers that you buy a cartridge + processing because this independent lab exists from film processing, that is our core-business. If you want to focus on the content of your film you can buy the cartridge + processing + 2K scan. Cartridges including processing and/or transfer to a 2K file by S8RL can be found on our super8 page.

Q: Can this lab process my Agfa, Orwo, Svema, Fuji or other old super8 cartridge?

A: Yes, view the page with old film types, and see some examples of processed films. Basically we can develop any old film.

Q: Why do I have to pay for the processing of my Agfa or Fuji film, I paid already back then?!

A: The S8RL doesn’t get any money from the factory that produced your old film, so you have to pay again for our services, I am sorry. This is an independent lab.

Q: How can I be sure that the processing of my outdated super8 film will succeed after all these years?

A: The S8RL does all it can to get the best results. You can be sure of that. The lab has a great experience in processing outdated films but there are many factors that influence the final quality. So it can happen that your film does not have useful images after processing, and you should be aware of this risk. The lab does all it can to get a best image possible. On this page is more info.

Q: I am not sure what kind of film I have, now what?

A: We can help. You can either send an photo of the cartridge or from the label itself. If you want you can bring all your films and visit the lab after making an appointment.

Q: Are you a Kodak company?

A: No. The lab does work together with kodak to keep super8 alive in the Netherlands and beyond.

Q: Can you transfer my processed super8 film to a 2K digital file, I need a ProRes?

A: Yes. If you have already processed super8/8mm/16mm films and need a transfer of these to a digital file we are able to offer this service for you, read our 2K scan page for all details.

Q: Can this company stripe my super8 film?

A: No, this service is no longer available in the Netherlands. I advise you to contact Fipra in Germany, they provide this.

Q: Where can I find a movie projector for a nice price?

Answer: Of course second hand flea markets are a good source and the internet via Ebay and friends. Be careful what you buy. Read some books before you make a major investment in something that is not worth it. You have to know prices before you place a bid via Ebay. A safe way to get a projector in The Netherlands is via van Eck in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Q: Where can I find double super8 or regular double 8mm film?

Answer: We also sell double8 films made by Fomapan.

Q:Where can I buy a developing tank, I want to do-it-myself?

Answer: These are difficult to find. At this moment we do not have any address where you can get one. There was once mr. Kalynychenko in the Ukraine but he sold-out completely, a long time ago.

Beaulieu 7008pro

Q: I bought a fantastic camera via Ebay, now what?

Answer: That’s great, first check if everything works by using fresh batteries. Listen and see if all is well. If you have a manual you are lucky. You can then read all about it’s functions and what type of films can be used in automatic exposure. Be careful that old models mostly handle only two types of film, and newer camera’s can often handle all films. Otherwise try to get some info via the internet (Wiki) but never rely on 1 source, always double check. You are then ready to order your first film and start filming. It’s wise to make one test film first and try different exposures and lighting conditions. By the way, it’s more wise to buy a camera that has been used regular than a camera that looks brand new but has never been used before.

Q: Why is everything so expensive?

Answer: That depends on the way you look at it. The prices for equipment has raised in the last years. Still equipment is very affordable. Do not forget that super8 is a small market. There are not so many people that use this format today. Although super8 is very popular among TV people, commercial industry and artist, the amount of users is very small compared to the 70’s. Maybe you should see super8 as something ‘new’. I mean that you should give super8 a new function. Or in case you think it is too expensive do not use it.

Q: Do you really work alone?

Answer: The processing of all films except Kodachrome is done in the lab in Den Haag. I mix my own chemistry. The sale, website updates, facebook, twitter and administration are also done by myself. So I have a various job :-).