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Backlog + Summer vacation

16 Jun 2021

Maintenance is done. The summer holidays are almost here.

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Building maintenance 2

7 May 2021

Maintenance part 2. Closed from 7 - 14th May 2021.

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Building maintenance

18 Feb 2021

We close for 1 week because of extensive maintenance.

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National lockdown and winter closure

14 Dec 2020

What does this mean for the S8RL and you as customer. Pleas read.

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Time for presents

17 Nov 2020

Get those Christmas present now at S8RL.

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Covid-19 update

3 Nov 2020

Covid-19 update. We ask everyone to stay at home until November 18th 2020. We can send everything.

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Vacation time

7 Sep 2020

Vacation from 19 September until 4th October 2020.

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Super 8: An Illustrated History

20 Jul 2020

Super8: An Illustrated History by Danny Plotnick is available in the S8RL. A colourful history book.

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‘Celebrate super8’ limited edition T-shirt

7 Jun 2020

'Celebrate super8' limited edition T-shirt. Support your lab!

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Sympathy for smalfilm

24 May 2020

Dutch language interview for newspaper Den Haag Centraal written by Paul Waayers.

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20th anniversary

4 May 2020

Newsletter of May 2020, in case you have missed it.

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New website is online!

3 May 2020

This week we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the S8RL with a new website!

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Covid-19 situation

15 Mar 2020

Covid-19 situation in the lab. Please keep sending films.

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FedEx pickup

6 Jan 2020

Request for a FedEx pickup for your films, fast, reliable and affordable.

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New Year 2020

1 Jan 2020

New Year 2020.

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Google reviews

14 Dec 2019

A good review on Google becomes important for a small business to stay alive.

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New Year 2019

1 Jan 2019

New Year 2019.

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Vitrine super8 cartridges

24 Dec 2018

Collection cartridges displayed in custom build vitrine.

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Students visiting the lab

17 Apr 2018

Students from the Rietveld academy visiting S8RL.

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Gottfried Klose

8 Feb 2018

Gottfried Klose, the man who made his own super8 cartridge, has died.

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New Year 2018

1 Jan 2018

A healthy and warm 2018.

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Interview with Frank Bruinsma

5 Oct 2017

Video interview with Frank Bruinsma, founder and owner of this lab.

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15 years of Super8 Reversal Lab

1 May 2015

Today May 1st, 2015 I celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Super8 Reversal Lab.

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New Year 2013

21 Dec 2012

It has been an enervating and challenging year 2012, so definitely time for a short break. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited and supporte...

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Super8 Reversal Lab and Film Rescue International became partners

22 Aug 2012

Super8 Reversal Lab and Film Rescue International became partners.

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Nanolab visiting Den Haag

24 Oct 2011

Richard and Dianna from 'Down Under' Australia arrived in Den Haag.