15 years of Super8 Reversal Lab

Today May 1st 2015 I celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Super8 Reversal Lab with all of you!
Since the beginning of 2000 I started to work full-time and non-stop on everything that has to do with the super8 film format. My goal has always been to keep the super8 film format attainable, affordable and alive (now and in the future) as film format, for everyone who wants to use it.
And what would a lab be without film makers? So therefore I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported the lab in the past 15 years, and I truly hope I can stay on this position for a very long time. Thank you all, thank you! Super8 for everyone!
Ben Faydherbe from Den Haag designed the celebration poster. This is at the same time my tribute to ’50 years super8 cartridge’ that we also celebrate this year.