Gottfried Klose

It is a bad start of this year. A week ago my friend and former business partner Gottfried Klose (75) passed away. He has been ill for a long time.
Gottfried Klose has done a lot for the small format community. It all started with his super8 high precision pressure plate that in many cases improved the stability and sharpness of images. After this he started to full fill his ultimate dream and that was to make and produce his own super8 cartridges with Fuji Velvia 50D film inside. I was part of this major project in the first years and then in 2009 I decided I wanted to focus my business entirely on the development of super8 film. Gottfried Klose did succeed in his goal and at this moment if you buy a b/w Adox brand cartridge you should know that Gottfried was the person who made this all possible. Between 2003 and 2008 mister Klose repaired many of the lab’s camera’s and movie projectors, also for a variety of the lab’s customers. Gottfried will be missed (certainly by me) because he was an energetic and enthusiast person who understood how you can make people work together to create something bigger; to preserve super8 as recording medium. We all owe him respect. May he rest in peace in heaven.