Filmhuis Den Haag

The S8RL will have a new neighbour from June 11th 2021. Filmhuis Den Haag is our local art cinema, so I can develop in the daytime and view movie in the evening just 1 door away.

Filmhuis Den Haag is located a the Spui in our city, but will be renovated (where did I hear this before?) for a long period, and in the meantime they start a pop-up cinema in Concordia CC which is located at Hoge Zand 42. They will also include a café so we can have a Friday-afternoon drink.

About Concordia CC
On May 1, Concordia CC opened its doors in the monumental building at Hoge Zand 42. This new cultural centre is located in the neighbourhood behind PAARD. OPERA2DAY, Firma MES and Muziekcentrum 1001Nachten are also moving into the building. The building will function as a development space for makers from the performing arts and has a theatre for 56 visitors (1.5 meter capacity) that will be temporarily transformed into a cinema. There is also a spacious foyer and café.