250d cartridge

From now we are also offering a 250ASA daylight balanced super8 cartridge. Read all there is to know here where you can also order it. Buy this cartridge directly in the UK please.

Here you can view a film shot on 250D colour negative.

Kodak makes more film emulsions than there are available in the super8 format. Other companies can buy Kodak emulsion, slit en perforate these and load them into super8 cartridges. This special cartridge holds film produced by Kodak Rochester, it was hand loaded by Pro8mm California and sold to this lab by Straight8* London. Hence the price.
The reason the S8RL does sell this film is because this 250D has the same great colours and daylight balance as Kodak 50D, with the same exposure flexibility as 200T. It has great exposure latitude and can looks great in bright sunlight, or in darker conditions. What more do you want?
This is a daylight balanced film. For accurate colours shooting under tungsten light, you’ll need an 80A filter, and the film speed will reduce to ISO 64.