Svema + Orwo

It took me a long time before I discovered that the brand names Svema and Orwo were not the same.

This is the logo of Svema. This is from the Ukraine. Sorry that I always thought it was Orwo, but you must understand that I cannot read Russian ;-). SVEMA is an abbreviation for Svetochuvstvitelnye materialy, which means light-sensitive materials in Russian.
All films you see on this page are no longer available. I have successfully processed many of these old films. Some say they’re useless, other say that they are the best in the world. I must agree that some films that were outdated show colours that you could not get in any other way!
You can use unexposed ‘old-films’ very good. If you find a cartridge that was exposed many many years ago you could get colour changes more quickly. You can preserve an unexposed film rather good.

ORWO is an old east-German brand. Since 1909 this factory produced films under a well known name: AGFA. After World War 2 and the Sovjet occupation, the factory was named: “VEB Filmfabrik AGFA Wolfen” , since 1964 the name was: ORWO where the name of ORWO was derived from ORiginal WOlfen. Consequently, after 1964 all films produced in the Wolfen factory came to be marketed under the name of ORWO. This factory became the second largest in the World, employing 15,000 people, and providing an extensive professional product range distributed worldwide. During 1996 the Wolfen factory became a casualty of the re-unification of Germany, when the controlling German State Trust liquidated the operation. In 1998 the firm of FilmoTec GmbH was founded as successor of old ORWO film factory.

Svema double8

Svema 50 ASA double8
Ukraine Svema film, a 50 ASA double8. After processing this film is very fragile, it becomes very hard and is very vulnerable.

Svema super8

Svema 50 ASA super8
Ukraine Svema film, a 50 ASA super8. After processing this film is very fragile, it becomes very hard and is very vulnerable.

Svema super8

Svema 32 ASA super8
Colour reversal film from the Ukraine.

Orwo UP 15

Orwo UP 15 doublesuper8
According to the folder they told customers this was: “A black & white reversal film for the finest details.”
If I understood things right then “UP” means something like Universal Positive.

Orwo UP 21

Orwo UP 21 doublesuper8
Black and white reversal.
This can still give fine result that you would like.

Orwo UP 21

Orwo UP 21 double8
Black and white reversal.
The same story for this film type


The film sensitivity on the boxes of these Orwo films are in triple values. First it mentions DIN [Deutsche Industrie Norm] followed by the more known ASA [American Standards Association] value. But in the past Orwo films were sold very good in Russia, and in order to sell any film they were obliged to add the GOST value. The name GOST in a free translation the word GOST means something like “Standard of the state”. Here is a comparison table:
25 ASA – 22 GOST
40 ASA – 32 GOST
50 ASA – 45 GOST
80 ASA – 65 GOST
100 ASA – 90 GOST
125 ASA – 130 GOST
200 ASA – 180 GOST
250 ASA – 250 GOST
400 ASA – 350 GOST
[Thank you FilmoTec for your help]

Orwo UT 15

Orwo UT 15 doublesuper8
Colour reversal film. The colour temperature is 5500 Kelvin.

Orwo UK 17

Orwo UK 17 doublesuper8
Colour reversal film. The colour temperature is 3200 Kelvin.

Orwo UK 17

Orwo UK 17 super8
Colour reversal film.
If you look closely you will find the logo of Svema and Orwo on this packaging.

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