Test 3: push process

The original super8 film was a Kodak Tri-X. It was two or 1,5 stops underexposed. I tried to push it with different chemicals.

The first two images are the result when you use regular photo chemicals. This test should be seen as a ‘what happens with the light or dark images’ if we use other than regular chemicals to process our underexposed film. Do not pay attention to the greyscale because the scans aren’t that great.

This is a 1,5 to two stops under exposed super8 Tri_x film .
Developed with the first developer; Tetenal Dokumol 8 minutes at 20 degrees.
Developed with; Tetenal Dokulith mixture 1+3 for 6 minutes at 20 degrees.
There’s not much difference between these two developers. The Dokumol is slightly lighter because the processing time is longer.
Kodak D19 used as the manual describes.
Time of 5 minutes at 20 degrees.
If you process one or 2 minutes longer you will get much lighter images. Ideal to push a film with this one!
Processed with self made Kodak D67. I used D19 and added some sodium thiocyanate. This is poison so DO NOT use this if you’re not sure what you’re doing. It’s not possible to buy D67 in a Dutch photo shop. And please do not get confused with Kodak’s D76 that is available!

Do it yourself

The first three experiments can easily be done. When it comes to the use of sodium thiocyanate I must warm you. Only use this chemical if you are in a controlled environment with air ventilation and protective clothing.