Test 5: exposure vision

This page can give you an idea how two Kodak super8 colour negative films hold up to each other.

In 2020 we have the latest Kodak Vision-3 family available so these Vision 200T type 7274 and Vision 500T type 7218 can be considered to be old film stocks. The test is still valid because it gives an insight in film exposure.

Kodak 200T f= 4 [+1]
Kodak 500T f = 5.6 [+1]
Kodak 200T f = 5.6 [0]
Kodak 500T f = 8 [0]
Kodak 200T f = 8 [-1]
Kodak 500T f = 11 [-1]
Kodak 200T f = 11 [-2]
Kodak 500T f = 16 [-2]
Kodak 200T f – 16 [-3]
Kodak 500T f = 32 [-4]


Things that you can notice are:
– 500T has not more grain than 200T
– both films have good details
– both films have a wide range
– both are very sharp [don’t forget you are looking at a compressed file]
– colour reproduction is good [is is a neutral scanned film].
These results are the benefits of using colour negative in my view. In general colour negatives gives you more choices in film production on super8. Specially when you get a [professional] scan, you can change colours how you wish. Thanks to Francien van Everdingen and Andec. (June 2004).