Test 4: Ekta and Vision

How will the same shots look on Ektachrome and Vision 200T stock? Here you can see stills taken from a music video by Bas Ackermann.

He used several materials for his work, and this page shows shots taken on super8 Ektachrome 7240 and Vision 200T. The only purpose of showing these images is to give you and idea how both materials have a different ‘look’ in grain, sharpness, structure and especially ‘feel’. So I know that this is not a hard evidence, and it is not meant to be that way. (June 2004).

Face on Ektachrome 7240.
Face on Vision 200T.
Medium shot on Ektachrome 7240.
Medium shot on Vision 200T.

Thank you Bas Ackermann for these video stills that we were allowed to use.