Test 1: b/w reversal

Here are some normal developers test result that anyone could do.

It’s good to see what you like best. The best way to look as these test is when you show them on a screen, because now you can’t see the grain very well.

Tetenal Dokulith mixture 1+3.
Kodak T-Max first developer from the ‘slide kit’. This developer gives the most sharp results but you can’t buy this developer separate as far as I know. If someone knows different? The basic mixture was used.
Ilford Multigrade paper developer mixture 1+9
Tetenal Dukumol mixture 1+9

Do it yourself

It is fun to see these results but I would say: do it yourself. All films on this page have been developed for 6 minutes at 23 degrees Celsius. Also the following steps as bleach, clearer, second developer and fixing were kept the same at all these test.