Color Films Archives 9.5mm Ektachrome

Press release by manufacturer.

“We are extremely proud and excited to announce the official launch of our brand new 9.5 mm film by Color Films Archives, a remarkable innovation marking the return of a legendary format. After years of research, development, and dedicated passion, we have succeeded in reviving this historical film, long considered lost forever. (…) Its distinctive format and image quality have captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of our team at Color Films Archives, this treasure from the past is once again accessible, ready to reignite the imaginations of generations of film makers and photographers.

New packaging of the 9.5mm Ektachrome 100ft roll at €127/roll.

This reintroduction is more than just a comeback; it’s a renaissance that offers enthusiasts of the 9.5 mm format, as well as younger generations who have never had the opportunity to experience it, a unique chance to immerse themselves in the charm of analogue photography and cinema. Our new 9.5 mm film is the result of a perfect marriage between the nostalgia of traditional techniques and the advancement of modern technologies, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and reliability.

At Color Films Archives, we believe in the magic of film and in the unique ability of analogue to capture not only images but also irreplaceable emotions and moments. With the launch of our 9.5 mm film, we are opening a new chapter in the history of photography and cinema, inviting enthusiasts of all ages to explore the richness and beauty of this classic format.

We therefore invite all enthusiasts, film makers, photographers, and curious individuals to discover our new 9.5 mm film. “

Contact information of our company:
Color Films Archives
55 Avenue Joffre
93800 Epinay sur Seine
Phone: 06 28 04 62 64
Instagram @colorfilmsarchives.

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