Fries Film & Audio Archive

On Wednesday 3 July 2024, Jurjen (centre) and Kelly (right) from the Fries Film & Audio Archive (FFAA) came to visit. It was a closer acquaintance but also an exchange of knowledge and information.

For instance, the FFAA is a foundation that manages and guards the visual material of the whole province of Friesland. This is very special because in most provinces the film archives belong to cities, and are managed by those same cities.

The advantage of a foundation is that many decisions can be made quickly. The advantage of a city is that it can never go bankrupt and the collection will always be guarded.

FFAA logo

The FFAA has a paid staff of 3 people while here in The Hague we only have 1 person responsible for everything. And the FFAA has a number of volunteers who, for example, describe films or digitise videotapes. Also the 8mm, super8 and 16mm films at the FFAA are digitised in-house, which in turn reduces the price. Yes, very smart people live in the northern part of the Netherlands. Hats off.

A month ago, the FFAA launched a whole new website and you can check it out here where you can enjoy a lot of images and films.

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Fries Film & Audio Archive
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