Beach scvm – Summer Anxieties

This band created a full super8 film for their new EP!

Music video by Beach scvm.

Our new EP ‘Summer Anxiety’ is yours. We’re proud to share it with you as a short film.

To listen to the EP ??

We hope these 5 songs will help you escape and keep you on the holiday road, with mates or alone at home, when everything is going well or when everything feels grey. Share the EP and the clip to the max mentioning us and we’ll repost everything Par.

The EP was composed at a time when leaving my house was insurmountable, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue Beach Scvm let alone if these songs would ever come out. I wrote these songs to try and turn anxiety attacks into nostalgic melodies and set myself free.

The guitars and vocals were recorded with an iPhone and headphones on GarageBand in my car, my bed and on a terrace facing the sea. We hesitated to remake the vocals and guitars ourselves, but we preferred to deliver you the emotion captured at the moment they were made. Recorded bass and drums at Lucas’s home studio. Thanks to Maël and Lucas for insisting on making a project with these songs and being patient and there for me from a distance when it was chaos.

Then we bought a 1973 Super 8 camera and went on to capture real life moments to illustrate the songs, not knowing if what we were filming worked (at least not until we sent the film back to this little Dutch lab Super8 Reversal Lab and he got it developed). So there’s only one music video that covers all 5 songs. We hope it will make you travel. Filmed in Toulouse, Gruissan and Norway.

On this EP, we hope to get the word out about mental health issues out there: if you don’t work, don’t be ashamed or afraid, and we hope this EP will help you feel better for even 12 minutes.

Thanks to Paolo Firriolo for their trust and help, Arnaud Faur for the mix & master, Aby for the photos and Floral Records for the colors of the clip.

SCVM Beach