Fomapan R double8 – 10m

Fomapan is the only company that manufacturers double8 reversal films in house. These are available in different formats as double8, doublesuper8 and 16mm single and double sided perforated.

  • Fomapan R 100
  • Format: double8 on camera reel
  • Type: black & white reversal film
  • Length: 2 x 10 meter / 2 x 33 ft
  • Running time: approximately 3 minutes at 18 fps
  • EI 100 by daylight (without filter)
  • Film projection: yes
  • Film transfer: yes
  • Technical data sheet manufacturer

You order this 10 meter roll if you have a small double8 camera. The reels are 51 mm in diameter. This b/w reversal film can be screened with a double8 (or Normal8) movie projector after processing.

The development takes between 2 and 4 weeks, and if you request digitization you can add another week or 2 on top.

double8 daylight spool
double8 daylight spool for 10 meter, diameter 51 mm

Pay attention to the length of the film roll that you order. If you have a double8 camera you would go for 10 meter rolls. If you own a large double8 camera you can buy 30 meter rolls.

€ 23.-