Ruud Molleman

Very sad news. On 7th July 2019 filmlover and filmtechnician Ruud Molleman from Amsterdam past away. His Studio 2M filmloopers are inextricably linked to the work of Marijke van Warmerdam, Tacita Dean, Rosa Barba, João Maria Gusmao & Pedro Paiva and that of many other artists. year. His filmloopers were sent to hundreds of museums and galleries worldwide. Ruud has worked with analogue film and film equipment for the past 51 years. And on this page you can read a very good article by Edo Dijksterhuis from de Filmkrant (only in Dutch language).
Click the image to view a beautifull picture of Ruud Molleman. We wish his daughter Evelien and friend Seabert all the strength they need, it is a great loss, also for the film community.
[21 July 2019].