This S8RL does not have a webshop. So you can not simply order online. There is a simple reason for this, the S8RL is a very small company. Secondly the S8RL likes personal contact and likes to know who we are dealing with.
If you want your films to get developed, if you want to order filmstock or maybe both, please send an email to the S8RL.

Send an email with your request first. (Details on this contact page).
Please, do not send any super8 film without contacting the Lab first. It is first important to know if the S8RL really can help you.
Explain as best as you can what films you would like to get developed (brand, type and amount) or what you like to buy.
arrow Assignments will be returned after the lab has received you're full payment.

arrow All assigments have to confirmed by a written paper, we kindly ask you to fill in our order form and send that with your films to the lab.
arrow Be as clear as possible in your correspondece with the S8RL.
arrow Don't forget to mention who you are, and what company you might work for.
arrow Send you're full address details. If the lab can't read you're letter or e-mails we can't help you.
The S8RL has no regular opening hours like shops. You are welcome to visit us but by appointment only. Call or email us to make an appointment.
You can send you're Kodachrome type films to this lab which we process in black/white negative. (Read the f.a.q.).
arrow By giving an assignment you automatically agree with the general conditions.
arrow Make sure you read the general conditions, especially when you want to get films processed.
International non European Union costumers can pay via PayPal only.
All prices are excluding 21% V.A.T..

Last update done in April, 2019.

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