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The news pages show the lastest news concerning the super8 film format. Here you find news from the years 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 or the 'news archive. Last update March 03rd 2020.


danny plotick book
A new book about super8 in all it's aspects is being released by June 9th 2020. The book is written by Danny Plotnick, one of worlds best known dedicated people of the super8 format. Buy it, read it and love super8!
[03 March 2020].


tri-x music video
This is the most recent music video from director Ramon Porta (Spain) that was shot entirely on Kodak super8 Tri-X 7266 film. The original footage was processed by the S8RL and transferred to 2K by Haghefilm-Digitaal from Amsterdam. As far as I can judge this music video was fully edited inside the super8 camera which means the makers did not use any digital tricks. Pure film aesthetics and that is beautifulll!
[20 February 2020].


fedex 2020
A new service is available in 2020. Send your precious super8 films via FedEx to the Super8 Reversal Lab. Request a shipping label (send your address, name and phone number) and follow every step where your package is. There is one flat rate for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany at Euro 17,00 ex 21% VAT. All other European countries (with the exception of Switserland and Norway) have a flat rate of Euro 23,00 ex 21% VAT. The benefits are; pickup at your home/work address, faster shipping, a more reliable shipping, a track & trace from beginning to the end and finally at a low cost. Click the thumb for an enlargement.
[06 January 2020].


A big thank you to all our filmmakers who gave the S8RL it's existence in 2019, you are all welcome in the New Year. Click on the thumb for the 2020 New Year greetings card!
[01 January 2020].


whatsapp business
As of today the Super8 Reversal Lab offers the possibility to communicate via WhatsApp Business. Hurray. In a fast changing time I guess it is nessecary to join the channels that people use on a daily base, and I want to see how effective this is until February 2020. Via phone number +31626218676 you can send the S8RL a message, question, order quote or a picture of your super8 cartridge and ask what we can do to help you. My aim is to answer the WhatsApp messages as I do with email, so within a few hours or a maximum of 1 workday. If this goes well, and people are satisfeid I will use it for ever.
[28 Dec 2019].


Did you know it becomes important that the S8RL collects more reviews on Google? If you have a Google account I kindly invite you to write one (in your own language?) via this link and by doing so, support this dedicated super8 film processing lab. Keep analogue labs alive. Many thanks for your effort.
[14 dec 2019].

eye oproep

2K scan
We offer a service for transfering your 8mm / super8 film to a digital file in co-operation with Haghefilm-Digitaal from Amsterdam. To discover what this oppertunity means, read our 2K scan page for all details.
[18 November 2019].


double8 film
This is simply great, the Film Photography Project made new double8 film, view this video!
[23 August 2019].


craven backwinder
This backwinder for super8 cartridges was very popular in the 80's. The idea is that you load the backwinder with an exposed super8 cartridge, then wind it back for maximum 180 frames, and then reload it in the camera. Then you are able to reshoot the same exposed frames, and thus you were able to create titles in the image. How cool is that.
Click the thumb image for a serie photo's.
[26 July 2019].


ruud molleman
Very sad news. On 7th July 2019 filmlover and filmtechnician Ruud Molleman from Amsterdam past away. His Studio 2M filmloopers are inextricably linked to the work of Marijke van Warmerdam, Tacita Dean, Rosa Barba, Jo„o Maria Gusmao & Pedro Paiva and that of many other artists. year. His filmloopers were sent to hundreds of museums and galleries worldwide. Ruud has worked with analogue film and film equipment for the past 51 years. And on this page you can read a very good article by Edo Dijksterhuis from de Filmkrant (only in Dutch language).
Click the image to view a beautifull picture of Ruud Molleman. We wish his daughter Evelien and friend Seabert all the strength they need, it is a great loss, also for the film community.
[21 July 2019].


ilford factory
Make yourself a cup of thee or coffee and enjoy this amazing video (runtime 18 minutes) about the Ilford factory. Take a look inside this wonderfull factory and learn how difficult it actually is to make light sensitive film. At Ilford they do not make super8 or 16mm film but the idea and production is actuall almost the same. First you have to make light sensitive emsulsion and poor that in several layers onto a clear base. Once that is dry you can slit an perforate it into the desired photofilm formats and load the still film into cassettes, or spools. After you have seen this lovely video you agree with me that the people who work there are dedicated as can be!
[12 July 2019].


The only true photographic and motion vintage store in the Netherlands has gone. Johan who runned his Parallaxe shop for a few decades with a lot of love, devotion and fun was forced to close his shop. The big f^%$#*ing investment guys simply killed it. The only thing these capitalistic people want is more and more money. Unfortunately we see this happening in the world, and there's nothing we can do, but it does make us angry at people who own a lot of cash. So basically they asked such a high rent that is was impossible for Parallaxe to stay in business, you don't have to be Einstein to understand that an analogue shop like this doesn't has a large revenue. Johan closed his fantastic shop on January 1st, 2017.
I loot at this video (only Dutch language) with a lot of sorrow, because Johan meant a lot to the super8 community and he was a special character who did exactly what he wanted to do. People from all over Europe came to Amsterdam and to visit this shop. Johan was an analogue god, and his store was his church. Dear Johan, many thanks for all these years you run the shop! We will miss it!
[30 May 2019].

eye oproep

summer holidays
This year my summer holiday starts early, from May 31st until June 23rd 2019. From Monday June 24th I will be back in the lab. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the nice weather and shoot many lovely super8 cartridges.
[27 May 2018].


jobo #3018 part 4
This photo series shows you the way I actually processed some super8 films with this system. It all starts with a pre-wash and after that the real processing can continue. In part-3 you could read what steps I had to take.
Click on the logo for a photo series, and below every photo is a small explanation.
[1 April 2019].


jobo #3018 part 3
You are looking at part-3 of the Jobo #3018 Expert Super8, the first B/W processing test.
What I mainly want to test is its evenly performance. Can I get a consistent result? So I simply made one shot on a Kodak Tri-X, with a Beaulieu 7008 pro on a tripod. If you have one shot you can focus on the variations in density, spots, edges or scratches. If I would have used several shots it would have been much more difficult to notice these. I know this is a boring shot to look at, so in the meantime I talk you thru my experience.
Loading the super8 film in total darkness needs some practice. I opened the cartridge and locked the end of the super8 on one side with a small pin that punches thru the film. I hold the roll of super8 in one hand and turn the processing drum clockwise with my other. Remember I do this handling in total darkness. I must keep the film under a certain amount of tension to make sure the super8 film stays in the spiral. At the end I secure the film with a rubber band. I put the processing drum in the large tank and close the lid.
What you see now is also the first part I developed in a black/white reversal process, I used the exact same chemistry and recipe that I always use for Kodak Tri-X film. So I pre-wash, then the first developer, a wash, a bleach, a wash, a clearing bath. I open the tank and re-expose the film followed up by a second developer, a wash and a fixing bath. After a 10 minute wash I dried the film.
This negative footage that you see now, is the actual first processing test I did. I used a basic b/w negative developer. I started with a pre wash, then first developer, a wash and then a basic b/w fixer. After a 10 minutes wash I dried the film. In the negative part you can clearly see more variations in density. This can have many reasons like the type of developer, the way I agitate or that I have to practice more to get better consistent results with this b/w negative process. If you donít see what I mean then pay attention to the dark parts, they seem to breath.
The second cartridge was developed in 1 run. So the full 15 meter film, the way it should be done. I followed the same steps for processing as the first b/w reversal part, but then I noticed that the temperature dropped by a few degrees Celsius, so I tried to compensate this by extending the first developerís processing time. Now I find this result is good. The image might be a little dark, but that isnít important, again we should ask ourselves the question, is this evenly processed? And I say yes it is. It can be done.
Notes Filling the tank with chemistry or water works best if you hold the tank under a small angle. The air inside the tank can then escape. I used the roller block during processing to keep the tank in movement. Make sure to change the water during the wash a few times because there will be some chemistry left from the previous bath. You want to prevent contamination. Do not pay attention to the movement of the image in this video, this is not important now, we do not test the camera nor do we test the scanner. I left the negative as negative in the scan, so you see the difference. I am surprised that the reversal processing looks better than the negative processing. Maybe itís because I am used to do reversal processing? You will be happy if you can use this super8 drum together with a CPP-3 machine from Jobo.
My general thoughts on this Jobo processing drum is positive. The drum is easy to load, it is well duild, you donít need any extraís, only a darkroom and the photo chemicals. If you donít have the reversal chemistry for b/w you can start with b/w negative and get good results very fast. It is fun to use.
Thanks to Johannes Bockemuehl from Jobo for lending me the system.
Thank you Frans Tomeij from for the transfer.
And thank you Andre Bijma to record this voice over for me.
My only motivation to show you this Jobo test, is to encourage people to shoot more super8 films. Because that is what we need. More super8 users.
[23 March 2019].


jobo #3018 part 2
Once the processing drum is on the roller block it can be loaded with super8 film. First, I use scrap film in a daylight situation to learn how this feels. After all this must be eventually performed in total darkness. I lock the film on one side with a small pin that punches the film, and thus holds it exactly in its place. I hold the roll of super8 in one hand and turn the processing drum clockwise with my other. I must keep the film under a certain amount of tension to make sure the super8 film stays in the spiral. It is rather easy in daylight. At the end I secure the film with a rubber band. I loaded the processing drum with the emulsion side of the film outwards. Now I am ready to put the processing drum in the large tank and close the lid. I timed with my darkroom clock how long it takes to fill the complete tank with chemistry (6 seconds), and how long it needs to let it run empty (8-9 seconds). I used the clock I also use for the actual processing so you always time the exact same way. I can use this data for the actual processing.
Click on the image to view a series of photo's.
[23 March 2019].


jobo #3018 part 1
In the coming weeks I will share my experience with the Jobo #3018 Expert Super8 with you. The processing drum comes in a solid double box. Every single piece is packed in nice red colored paper. The set consist of the drum with a cog lid, the inner spool that can hold 15 meters of super8/single8 film, a roller block, a few spare parts and instruction. I used many processing spirals and this Jobo feels very solid, and is also very well build. As it comes out of the factory I would wash it before a first use. For loading, the super8 inner spool can be placed on the roller block easily and has a stop on one side. If you place the super8 inner spool in the drum and close it with the cog lid you have one light safe box. Ready to go.
Click on the image to view a series of photo's.
[08 March 2019].


stop motion experiment
Young enthusiast filmmaker Bart Sturing made this kicking combination of super8 with digital edit techniques. It is good to see, and to understand that you can use super8 film in many different ways. I prefer a basic screening with a movie projector. Bart likes to edit and combinate techniques from then and now. Both are okay. Do you like this?
[4 March 2019].


newsletter 2019
On Februari 14th 2019 I send the third news letter to all relations. You can still read the news letter here if you like. Or you are welcome to subscribe via this page and get updates. This news letter is send on a very low frequence and only in case of new developments or events.
Click on the image to view photo's of the Ektachrome.
[18 February 2019].


eumig demonstration film for sound projectors
The original super8 sound film was given to me by my good friend Ton. We got this transferred to an SD video format at Haghefilm-Digitaal, and now years later I found it again and decided to upload it to YouTube. These demonstration films were used in stores to convince the audience they should buy a sound projector. It is a bit of a shame the colours have faded but I guess the message stays very clear. It is only in Dutch language, I don't have any subtitles available. Life was slowly in those days.
[14 February 2019].


found undeveloped film
As you probably know I work together with Film Rescue International for the development of expired and outdated films (still & motion).
A guy working for Buzzfeed found a roll of undeveloped double8 film and wanted to see what's on it after more than 40 years. This short 9 minute video (with more than 330.000 views by the time of this writing) is a search about howto process these old rolls of film. He ended up in the lab of my Canadian friends.
[23 January 2019].


I just want to say and extra thanks to everyone who send their film to my lab for processing in the past year.
Click the image to view the 2019 New Years card.
[10 January 2019].


From the moment I started developing super8 films I collected the empty cartridges, simply because I love the graphic designs. It was time to build a custom vitrine to show these cartridges the best way possible. It is my way to pay tribute to this fantastic film format and at the same time I have an overview of all the emulsions I have ever developed in life. If you visit the S8RL you can see it for yourself.
Click the image to view the vitrine.
[24 December 2018].

read book

film in the present tense
This book has the same title as the symposium held in October in Berlin, Germany. I think this is a must read for everyone that makes and/or loves analogue film. Why? This book reflects the conversation, ideas and practical issues involved in today's analogue film making. You can click here to read more about the symposium. And if you click here you can oder a copy of this book which I advise. Analogue film making is a way of thinking and working that influences your life.
Click the image to view the cover.
[23 December 2018].


running cooper
Enjoy a rough music video made entirely on the super8 format. Jamie Noakes who is responsible for this production is a well known and respected film maker. He made several beautifull works on super8. The effect you see is caused by the 9fps that were used during shooting and they only exposed 1,5 cartridge, can you believe that! The original black/white super8 footage was processed by this lab.
[14 december 2018].


bauer video
View a super8 film that I got scanned at Haghefilm-Digitaal a few years ago, so still in SD quality. It is a demonstration film that was shown in stores to help sell this Bauer T60 movie projector.
[09 November 2018].

ekta 100

still film ektachrome 100
From now on you can purchase 135/36 ISO 100 daylight slide film via this S8RL. Get out your analogue still film camera and photograph the world as you know it without those filters or weak tricks. This is the real colour film. Available for only Euro 14,50 each including VAT but excluding shipping and processing. Simply ask for slide film by sending an email to the lab.
Click the image for an enlargement.
[07 November 2018].

ekta 100

ektachrome 100 update
From the Kodak newsletter; 'We are very excited by the overwhelming response to our introduction of KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film 7294 in Super 8 format on October 1, 2018, and have already sold out of our limited initial inventory. EKTACHROME Film has an extremely complex manufacturing recipe and a unique process when compared to color negative films. While we work to build new inventory, we will be limiting order quantities for both individuals and resellers. We anticipate EKTACHROME Super 8 Film will be available to purchase again in early December 2018.
Click the image for an enlargement of the new designed packaging.
[26 October 2018].

ekta 100

ektachrome 100 available
Today during my lunch Kodak delivered the first package with Ektachrome 100 super8 cartridges. This is a true milestone in the history of the Super8 Reversal Lab because who would have imagined that Kodak would bring this product back after they sold the last cartridges back in December 2012? For an exact price and delivery please contact the lab via the old fashion email. I have only a limited amount of super8 because the worldwide demand for Ektachrome 100 is huge. This is mainly caused by the fact that still photography is a more interesting market for the Americans. Anyway I am glad we have it!
Click the image for an enlargement.
[19 October 2018].


nitrate video
Every vault from our EYE Film Institute is checked every 2 years. These vaults have a low temperatures and humidity which are important to keep nitrate film in a good condition. The films are manually checked by opening every single film can by a group of volunteers. The films are inspected on both sides for damage like rust or dust in the can, or fungus which is much worse. Nitrate film is a very unstable film type. In case there is damage action is undertaken by the professionals of EYE. Now what happens when you try to burn a piece of safety film (like polyester base) or a piece of nitrate film? The answer is demonstrated in this short video. This test was performed by a professional firefighter. I like to thank Christian and our EYE Film Institute Amsterdam for making this video possible.
(Click the small logo for the Monday group photo).
[30 April 2018].


After creating a website, start Facebook, a profile on LinkedIn and a Twitter account I also have an Instagram account. You are all welcome to join me.
Click on the logo to go to the new Instagram.
[21 April 2018].


welcome students
Before Easter a group of students from the Gerrit Rietveld art academy Amsterdam visited my lab.
Carlijn Fransen (in the red dress) gave them a super8 workshop at school and as a follow up I gave them a crash course in super8 filmmaking and explained them how they can process their own film materials in their darkroom. Safety first of course. We also discussed some camera's and various currently available film stocks. We had a good time and I was happy they were interested in the do-it-yourself approach.
PS If you are a teacher at an art school contact the lab to discus the possibilities for your situation. Students learn a lot from working with analogue film materials.
Click the image for an enlargement.
[17 April 2018].

fuji logo

The last single8 cartridges have now been sold. The 100 Dollar question is now how this lab should continue? Should we offer single8 cartridges again, buy fresh stock in Japan? Our problem is that the single8 cartridges in Japan have become so expensive that we would have to ask a selling price of €70 - €75 for cartridge + processing + reel + sending + 21% taxes. You also end up with only 12 meter of film and not the regular 15 meter. If this lab will get many requests for single8 (get on the list, send me an email, no strings attached) we might order fresh stock again from our friends at Retro Enterprises. But if you know that in the past 6 months the demand for single8 was very low, we don't know how to deal with this situation. There are still single8 cartridges available via Retro Enterprises
in Japan or via Click und Surr in Berlin, Germany. After exposure you can always send the film to Den Haag for development, everybody is welcome.
[29 March 2018].

ekta 7294

kodak explains ektachrome production
In this video Kodak explains the production of Ektachrome 100 colour reversal film. An interesting video with nice footage.
[13 March 2018].

eye oproep

volunteers wanted at eye
Call for volunteers. Spring is coming and so is the check of one of our nitrate vaults. This year we go to Overeveen to check the condition of our beautiful collection. We need a lot of volunteers for this big scale action. And this year itís a special edition over 9 days instead of 5: we will also barcode the cans and the shelves in the vault. So we will need even more volunteers than usual.
[12 March 2018].


gottfried klose
It is a bad start of this year. A week ago my friend and former business partner
Gottfried Klose (75) passed away. He has been ill for a long time.
Gottfried Klose has done a lot for the small format community. It all started with his super8 high precision pressure plate that in many cases improved the stability and sharpness of images. After this he started to fullfill his ultimate dream and that was to make and produce his own super8 cartridges with Fuji Velvia 50D film inside. I was part of this major project in the first years and then in 2009 I decided I wanted to focus my business entirely on the developement of super8 film. Gottfried Klose did succeed in his goal and at this moment if you buy a b/w Adox brand cartridge you should know that Gottfried was the person who made this all possible. Between 2003 and 2008 mister Klose repaired many of the lab's camera's and movie projectors, also for a variety of the lab's customers. Gottfried will be missed (certainly by me) because he was an energetic and enthusiast person who understood how you can make people work together to create something bigger; to preserve super8 as recording medium. We all owe him respect. May he rest in peace in heaven.
Click the image for a extra picture of this great man of the small film format.
[08 February 2018].


I wish everybody a healthy and warm 2018!
A very big thank you to all persons who where in the lab in the past year, and to everyone who send a film for processing.
Click the logo to enlarge.
[01 January 2018].

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