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SchmalFilm Article in German SchmalFilm magazine 3-2011 [German] SchmalFilm 2Mb
Volkskrant digitaal is saai [Dutch article about super8] volkskrant 2,7Mb
7213 Vision-3 200T technical data sheet 7213 115Kb
7217 Vision-2 200T technical data sheet 7217 70Kb
7218 Vision-2 500T technical data sheet 7218 78Kb
7219 Vision-3 500T technical data sheet 7219 215Kb
7240 Ektachrome technical data sheet 7240 25Kb
7265 Plus-X technical data sheet 7265 55Kb
7266 Tri-X technical data sheet 7266 55Kb
7268 Kodachrome technical data sheet 7268 115Kb
7274 Vision 200T 7274 300Kb
7276 Plus-X 7276 96Kb
7278 Tri-X 7278 115Kb
7280 Ektachrome technical data sheet 7280 290Kb
7285 Ektachrome technical data sheet 7285 90Kb
Angenieux zoom depth of field angenieux 3,9Mb
pressureplate manual for using this product pressureplate 65Kb
FlashScan-sd info FlashScan-sd scanner flashscan 115Kb
Kodak cross process advise cross process advise 9Kb
Financieel Dagblad article in the Dutch 'Financial Times' about super8 in the NL [NL] Dutch Finacial Times artikel 3,2Mb
SchmalFilm kodachrome lab Switserland schmalfilm 11,5Mb
Kodak newsletter news about the end of the current Ektachrome program Kodak Ekta news 520Kb
s8 camera report a tool to use when shooting super8 camera report 30Kb
kodak super8 folder kodak s8 films in 1 file kodak folder 1,3Mb
kodak super8 folder 2006 kodak's new super8 folder kodak folder 1,6Mb
order form use our order form if you need film processing order form download 2,7Mb

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