Ektachrome 100d single-8

Our colleague in Japan, mister Tak Kohyama from Retro Enterprises, has done it again. Now he offers Ektachrome 100d in single-8 cartridges. This film was cut from doublesuper8 material with perfect perforations (read: made by Kodak).
You can order these single-8 cartridges straight in Japan, and they are a must-have for everyone with a fine working single-8 camera. The current price is about Euro 65,00 each cartridge with processing included for a cartridge with 12 meter of footage.

single-8 packaging
single-8 cartridge

This laboratory does not sell single-8 film stock because they are limited available and they are a niche within a niche. The ones that love single-8 know mister Kohyama, he is the person that keeps single-8 alive.