Kodak Vision-3 50D super8

This Vision3 film was originally only made in 16mm and 35mm motion picture film sizes, but is now packed in our super8 format. With good sunny daylight definitely a gorgeous film with fine grain and details. Most super8 camera’s must be set to the ‘lamp-sign’ to switch away the build-in filter, because this is a daylight balanced film. This is a sharp and fine grain filmstock.

  • Kodak Vision-3 50D / 7203
  • Format: super8 cartridge
  • Type: colour negative film
  • Length: 15 meter / 50 ft
  • Running time: approximately 3 minutes at 18 fps
  • EI 50/18° for daylight (without filter)
  • EI 12/12° for tungsten (use wratten filter 80A)
  • Film projection: no
  • Film transfer: yes
  • Technical data sheet manufacturer
  • EAN 0041771738051

You must make a positive print or a digital scan after processing to view the final results.

The development of colour negative films often takes 2 to 4 weeks. If you also need a transfer please add 2 or 3 weeks on top.

Kodak Vision 7203
Kodak Vision-3 50D / 7203

If you receive your processed colour negative film back from the lab, you will not be able to view the final results. Besides digitization colour negative films there is the possibility to get a colour positive print from the colour negative, and that can only be done at Andec in Berlin.

View a beautiful example here, shot on this type, processing and transfer done at S8RL. And here another example.

€ 40.-