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Op deze pagina een dwarsdoorsnede van e-mail reacties van klanten van het Super8 Reversal Lab NL. Alle filmmakers hebben toestemming gegeven voor het gebruik van hun teksten, waarvoor dank! De Engelse teksten zijn deze keer bewust niet vertaald.

Hallo Frank, Alles is in orde. De zending is de vrijdag 17-03-06 om 15u30 toegekomen in een uitstekende staat. Het resultaat van de super 8 op mini DV is van uitstekende kwaliteit. Ik had eerlijk gezegd niet gedacht dat het mogelijk was. Ik hoop dat ik in de toekomst er nog enkele kan laten digitaliseren. Is dat eigenlijk ook mogelijk met gewone 8mm film? Frank bedankt en tot wederhoren.
Raymond [Belgium]

De scanning zag er goed uit, zo ook de filmpjes zoals ze afgemonteerd zijn.
Francine [Netherlands]

I received today the rolls: a very good and fast service. Nice to do business with you. Will do it again in future projects.
Marc [Spain]

Thanks for processing the films for me. The package arrived fine today. You can't be held responsible for the result. It was just trial and error in
this case. The next time I will use recent types (for sure). The film which was processed successfully by your lab will become the most "valuable" in my range of films. ;) Thanks again for good and prompt service!
Thomas [Germany]

Ha Frank, nogmaals dank voor de goede zorgen van het weekend, het is allemaal gelukt en het resultaat is vanavond te zien in R.A.M, bij de VPRO. Mocht je tijd over hebben… Groetjes.
Willeke [Netherlands]
Hello, we are the two French students: Sophie&Vanessa, we received the films and we are very happy about the result. We wanted to thank you very much. We will present it in an installation the 9th of September. We think that we will need you again, we keep your address, bye bye.
Sofness [France]
Thank You Frank, I received the processed film. Looks good! Until next time,
Jason [France]

I' ve just received the films. Everything seems to be in perfect condition, well processed. Thank you very much, it it a pleasure doing business with you with regards,
Pawel [Poland]

I transferred the films yesterday and they look great - thanks allot! Bye,
Tom [Croatia]
Mocht je nog willen zien hoe het filmpje dat je voor ons hebt ontwikkeld geworden is, dan kan je het zondag 28 april op Nederland 1 zien in het KRO-programma Nirvana, dat wordt uitgezonden om ongeveer 21:00 uur. Het is het laatste filmpje in de uitzending.
Noortje [Netherlands]
I received the film the other day. As you said the quality is not the very best, but you can see what's on it. The whole film looks heavily overexposed. Perhaps it's possible to correct it by transferring the film to DVD or video? I thought the film was from the millennium, i.e. around December 1999, but it turned out that most of the scenes were from the summer of 1994, so the film was at least > 8 years old.
The sending was accompanied by an invoice, but since according to your own rules the payment was done in advance via bank, I just disregard that.
Best regards,
Björn [Sweden]
Thanks, I got the films last Thursday. They look great!
mikko [Finland]
I received the processed film, it's a very good job. Thank you very much!
Philippe [France]
Good Morning. I' m really happy that the developing was successful. Jennifer has asked me to tell you {{{{ at this early hour}}}} that she is sending someone to pick up her films. Hallelujah!!! A million thanks for all that you've done and very best wishes from
Timothy [U.K. London]
At last I have been able to watch the films, & I am pleased with them. The colours look OK, although the images appear to be a little "muddy". This is probably because the film is old and was exposed about 18 months ago! You may be interested to know that on two of the films, I noticed some short black stripes on the film, on the base side. They occur only once or twice, and in each case they extend over about 5 -10 frames. (See picture) They are not scratches, although they look like scratches when projected. Perhaps it is where part of the film backing was not completely removed during processing? Of course, I understand that the lab could not guarantee complete success, as you warned me. Is this a something which the lab has experienced before with some Single8 films?
Anyway, I hope to get some more film out of the fridge and use it soon, so I'll be in contact again.
Until then, Happy Christmas... Many thanks,
Chris [U.K.]
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